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KegNet is the Online Kegerator Network

Keg + Network = Love

How much beer
is left in there?

Tap tap tap or shake and swish?

How do you check how much beer is left in your keg? Are you a tapper or a shaker? Are you ever quite right?


KegNet uses a highly accurate low-pressure liquid flow meter to measure and record every ounce of beer poured through your tap.

Your Kegerator's Connection to
The Internet of Things

"The Internet of Things" is the vision of a world in which all the devices you use on a daily basis, from door locks to thermostats, are connected to, and can be monitored and controlled over the Internet.

We're almost there!

You'll never drink alone with KegNet!

  • Does my neighbor still have that good IPA on tap?
  • Which local distributor has the best selection of sixtels?
  • How's that new pale ale from the local microbrewery?
  • Does anybody near me enjoy home brewing also?
You always know with KegNet!

The Hardware

Current Version

KegNet RasPiV3-SF800 (Sept 2013)

KegNet's hardware is an open-source kit consisting of mostly commercial off-the-shelf components! We package all the components together to make it easy for anyone to get online. We want KegNet to be accessible to everyone that loves their kegerator, not just computer guys! But KegNet is an open platform, so you can put together the components yourself or build the hardware to fit your needs. Please visit our developer site for more information.
KegNet Kit

Genuine Raspberry Pi

Each KegNet device is built on a genuine Raspberry Pi Model B. Raspberry Pi is a powerful yet inexpensive credit-card size computer. Raspberry Pi runs KegNet's custom open-source software that interfaces with the flow meter, temperature sensor, and communicates with KegNet servers! The KegNet client software is open-source and available for download at our developer site.
KegNet Cover Off

KegNet RasPi Daughter Board

The Raspberry Pi is coupled to a small daughter board custom designed by KegNet engineers that allows easy connection of up to 2 flow meters and a single digital temperature sensor. The board is sturdy and very low profile, designed to fit into most common Raspberry Pi cases. This is really the only NON off-the-shelf component, and they are available for purchase individually!
KegNet Daughter Board

SwissFlow SF800 Flow Meter

KegNet uses a SwissFlow SF800 model low-pressure flow meter. This is a highly accurate frictionless rotor meter with an infrared sensor that precisely measures flow through your beer line. All necessary adapters are included to connect to a 3/16" or 1/4" draft beer line.
SwissFlow SF800

Maxim Integrated Waterproof Digital Temperature Sensor

KegNet monitors kegerator temperature using a highly accurate waterproof digital temperature sensor. Being waterpoof is an awesome feature, because you can submerge the tip in a small cup of water to more precisely track the real beer temperature, not just the ambient air temperature!
Temperature Sensor

Realtek 802.11b/g/n WiFi Networking

KegNet connects to your home network via standard ethernet cable or wirelessly using Realtek's miniture USB WiFi adapter. The wireless range is great, and easy WiFi setup is built into KegNet's software.

The Website

Every KegNet connected kegerator gets it's own dedicated page on the Internet. Keep it to yourself or give it out to your friends, it up to you, but either way your KegNet kegerator is always online and always up-to-date!

Your kegerator's home on the Internet!

  • Remaining beer - by percentage and servings left in the keg
  • Interactive graphs showing how fast the keg is being used
  • Lots of cool statistics like average pour size, time, and price
  • Customizble low keg volume warnings alert you know when it's almost time for a new keg
  • Current fridge temperature and graphs show how the temperature changes throughout the day
  • High temperature warnings let you know when the door is open

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